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Andy Baxter

The mission of the Cunniff-Dixon Foundation is to enrich the physician-patient relationship near the end of life; to educate individual physicians and inspire them to provide the kind of care near the end of life that we all wish for ourselves and our loved ones.

While much work remains to be done, the progress in the last 10 years in end-of-life care has been considerable. But the reality is that a big share of the responsibility for the end-of-life experience that we all say we want rests on our own shoulders. We will each have our own ending, and there is much that we can do to prepare for it. The time to draw up a will is not at the very end of the journey. Likewise, there are things we can learn, questions we can ask about death and dying, today when we are healthy and have time to react.

None of us wants to face these issues. But I know from personal experience that it makes a difference... a big difference. There were many issues that my wife Carley did not have to tackle at the end — she had already taken the time to plan.

Planning My Way is the Cunniff-Dixon Foundation’s effort to make it easier, to provide a track to run on, with guide sheets, questions and answers. It is the product of several years of collaboration and work by leading medical professionals. It can be extremely useful.

We hope that Planning My Way will help people answer questions in advance of that time when they may not be as able to make important decisions as they are today. We hope that it will help individuals and families prepare in advance for “the kind of care near the end of life that we all wish for for ourselves and our families.”

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