Guide Sheets

Listed below are all of the guide sheets used through out this site. Here you can revisit information as needed as well as download, share and print to keep on file or attach to your legal advance directive documents.

Choosing a Spokesperson

Use this guide sheet to help you choose the best spokesperson for you.

Who to Contact In an Emergency

Use this guide sheet to create a list of important people to contact in case of an emergency.

Treatment Decisions

Use this guide sheet to think about and select what life sustaining treatments you might want or want to avoid.

What To Talk About

Use this guide sheet to help begin conversations with your spokesperson, loved ones, and health care providers.

My Personal Statement

Use this guide sheet to help create a personal letter for your loved ones and health care providers.

End of Life Arrangements

Use this guide sheet to communicate your preferences for burial and funeral arrangements.

Get your state specific advance directive here

To appoint a spokesperson and complete an advance directive, choose a legal document in your state from the list below.